The Ageing Revolution; from the view point of a Generation X-er

Doom, gloom and more doom.

The newspapers love it, the politicians, the statistician’s its everywhere we look, the population is aging. How will we cope?

With over 65s now outnumbering the under 16s in the UK the dependency ratio looks like it is increasing. There are 4 people working for every pensioner currently in the UK, by 2035 that number is expected to fall to 2.5, by 2050 to just 2 and with over 8 million 80 + year olds living in the UK by 2050 .

Obviously these are projections and are not set in stone, things could change however I think we can be fairly certain that as a nation we are getting older.

On Self-fulfilling Prophecies and Vicious Circles

Written by Daniela Cabral, Business Development Associate, Rootless Garden


If we proceed this way and condemn older people to such reducing stereotypes, this manner of thinking and the impact it has on society, are reproduced and extended. The negativism is allowed to live, it is perpetuated. Fast forward 60, 40 or even 20 years. Those who associated old age with weaknesses (and even those who did not) are now restrained by the confining shackles created or perpetuated by themselves in the past. The vicious circle will continue up until stereotypes are dropped and potentialities rediscovered.

Lessons from the Fourteenth Century

So take some advice from the fourteenth-century, and listen to the old wise soul, engage with the elderly and reshape the way you think.

Meet our Kentish Town Social Club…

The lovey guys from North London Cares have featured us on their blog:."Our Kentish Town Social Club is new to the North London Cares calendar, but the adventurous and enthusiastic group is certainly making up for lost time!":

And the winner is....GRAD FEST 2013: Our festival of social innovation.

Check us out on Year Here's Blog: "On 28th August 2013, the graduating cohort of Year Here fellows took over the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with a three fold mission: to showcase the breadth of work and relationships made and formed in the past months, to pitch for a prize package including a £5,000 Do It award from UnLtd for their social enterprise ideas, and to round off their fellowship with a bang."

Why Enterprise is Vital in Care

Like Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, enterprise in the care setting can be beautifully choreographed to ensure that the older members of our community can enjoy their lives in a way that they deserve.