Rootless Garden was founded and based on the experiences of founders Nadia Daghistani and Indie Shergill. After graduating from the University of St Andrews, they were selected for the inaugural Year Here fellowship, a London based social leadership programme.

It was during this time that they first gained experience in care. Nadia worked with Age Concern Kingston, at The Bradbury, one of the UK's only Active Age Centre’s, while Indie worked with Care UK at a palliative and dementia specialised facility.

Working at opposite ends at of the care spectrum allowed Nadia and Indie to have two very different experiences. However, both were struck with the very real problem that existed for almost all of the older friends they met – the lack of connection to the outside world, to life, to friends, to meaning. 

This was their light-bulb moment, the first seed of Rootless Garden’s concept. They took their idea and formed it into a workable, creative, and effective organisation – winning first place and start-up capital at the Year Here Graduation Pitch.

Since then, they’ve been lucky to complete many successful projects, build some wonderful partnerships, expand their team and host some fantastic events.